Michelle Silva

College attended: University of California, San Diego

Law school attended: University of San Diego, School of Law

Awards and honors: Concentration in Criminal Law, USD Enhancement Award

Year admitted to the bar: CA 2014

Hobbies: Travel, Yoga, Paddle Boarding, and Coffee

My client was working his way through school to become physical therapist. He was at the top of his class. He went out one evening with his classmates for a drink a local brewery. On his way home, he was involved in a collision, seriously injuring two others.

When I first spoke to him, he was devastated that he had hurt someone when he had been working so hard to help others heal. He was terrified that this one decision would derail his school and future career. He had never been in trouble before and now he was facing felony charges. Not long after, I won his DMV hearing, arguing there was insufficient evidence that his BAC was over .08 at the time of driving. Because of that, he was able to continue to drive to school, work, and help support his family while his case was pending. Ultimately, I was able to negotiate a favorable resolution in court as well.   He was able to serve his time on electronic monitoring and the court agreed to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor as long as he successfully completed his probation. With my help, he was able to put this one lapse of judgement behind him and follow through on his career goals.

I do what I do so that my clients can put their mistakes behind them and continue to do what they do to help our community and support their loved ones.