Bart Wolcott

College: Baldwin Wallace College, B.A. 2006

Law School: Western Michigan University Law School, J.D. 2011

Admitted to Bar: California Bar 2018

Other Certifications: Los Angeles County Bar Association Trial Advocacy Program, 2019

Hobbies and interests when not working: Motorcycles, bike riding, and the beach.

Why I love what I do: I love what I do because I get to fight for second chances.

Once I negotiated a plea deal for a client with a supervising district attorney. The plea deal included alcohol counseling and 180 days in county jail and other terms, but the judge rejected it, stating my client was not eligible for county jail and probation due to previous felony strikes. As a result, my client would have to spend a minimum of two years in state prison.

My client needed me to fight harder and give him a voice. After investigating the prior charges, I discovered one strike occurred over ten years ago and the other priors were not as bad as they appeared on paper.

I asked for a continuance to file a motion to strike the prior strike which could allow the judge to go along with the original deal and not the prison time. I gathered the documents related to the prior charges, collected evidence to support my client’s current status as an upstanding community member and submitted the motion to the court.

After a tense hearing, the judge reprimanded my client for his current charges but found the motion persuasive and agreed to strike the priors. The judge also allowed the previously negotiated deal to stand. My client would not have to return to prison and could serve out time in county jail.

Second chances are rare, but third chances are extraordinary. I am honored to be able to advocate for those who deserve both.