Dallis Warshaw

College: California State University, Fullerton

Law School: Dale E. Fowler School of Law at Chapman University

Admitted to Bar: California Bar 2017

Hobbies: Horseback riding, travel, hiking, interior design, public speaking, debate

About: Dallis graduated top of her class from the Dale E. Fowler School of Law at Chapman University, where she was a member of the Moot Court Competition Board and served as Managing Editor of the Chapman Law Review. Since then, she has worked in criminal defense representing military veterans to help them overcome their legal challenges so they can more easily transition back into civilian life. Dallis is also the Vice President of the Center for Law and Military Policy, where she oversees the organizations policy initiatives, and she is the Vice-Chair of the Orange County Bar Associations Military and Veterans Committee, where her focus is to educate the legal community on veteran-related issues.

Why I Love What I Do: It has always been my passion to be a voice for others, especially those misunderstood or rejected by society. Being charged with a crime does not make a person guilty, or speak to their moral character. We all make mistakes. Some of us get caught, and some of us get blamed for others misdeeds. But we all deserve the best possible defense, a right the founding fathers believed in so strongly they wrote it into our Constitution. Whether my clients are innocent or guilty, or somewhere in between, it is the government’s responsibility to play by the rules in proving their case. This system of justice fails without zealous defense counsel, a critical role I’m honored, privileged, and excited to serve in.

Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) – 2019