Isaac Blumberg

Of Counsel to The Kavinoky Law Firm

Isaac BlumbergCollege: University of Miami

Law School: Emory University School of Law

Admitted to Bar: California 2004

Why I Love What I Do:

As a young child I once had the opportunity to meet our City’s most prominent criminal defense attorney. In his career he handled most serious and high profile cases; books were written of him and Hollywood stars played his real life clients. During my senior year in high-school, one particular criminal case embroiled the local media and the jury trial became a sensation. I remember missing school to watch the jury trial live in the courtroom with this particular criminal attorney presenting a defense in the most artful fashion. I was immediately captivated and amazed how the attorney was able to slowly peel away the prosecutor’s case and skillfully present reasonable doubt.   I recognized the impact one person could make on another’s life.

No subject in law school captivated my interests nearly as much as criminal law and I recognized I would not be successful in a career that did not engage and challenge my interests. I spent the summers clerking with the Public Defender’s office in San Diego and eventually as a summer associate with the prominent criminal defense attorney that peaked my interests as a child. As an attorney, I have always practiced criminal defense and never served as a prosecutor.   I strive to use my skills as a criminal defense lawyer to make a positive impact on my client’s life when being opposed by the government. To me, there is no sweeter feeling than hearing a jury foreperson utter the words “Not Guilty” when deciding an innocent person’s fate.