Isaac Vega

Isaac Vega
College: University of California, Los Angeles Class of ‘03

Law School University of La Verne College of Law

Awards and Honors: CALI Awards in California Civil Procedure, Immigration Law, and Constitutional Law


Admitted to Bar: CA, 2014

Hobbies: Coaching Little League, Cub Scouts Leader, and Camping

Why I Love What I do/Why This Matters Story:

We all make mistakes in life. Sometimes our mistakes are prosecuted as crimes. When charged with a crime, a Prosecutor will aggressively attempt to deprive you of your liberty, sometimes even your life. I believe in holding the Prosecutor accountable to ensure a person accused of a crime is given every legal, moral, and Constitutional protection available. I do this every day by advocating on behalf of my clients; by negotiating fair and reasonable dispositions; and tirelessly preparing for litigation.

One of my clients, a very young man, was accused of raping two underage girls during separate attacks. The Prosecutor wanted my client to come out of prison an old man. After much advocating, investigation, and negotiation with the Prosecutor, a disposition was reached that ensured my client would still have many years of productive life ahead of him. My client deserved every protection afforded to him under our laws, and I made certain he received them.