Jeff Rosanswank

Jeff RosanswankCollege: Washington University in St. Louis

Law School: University of Missouri-Columbia Law School

Admitted to Bar: Missouri Bar in 1984 and the California Bar in 2013

Other Certifications: Reginal Public Defender in the greater St. Louis area. Assistant Federal Public Defender in federal courts in Missouri, Illinois, and California.

Hobbies and Interests: Playing golf, attending live music events, and poker nights with friends.

Why I Love What I Do: For over 35 years, I have taken great pride in assisting and counseling people who are facing what are often very serious criminal charges and the very real consequences resulting from those charges. A DUI conviction can have a profound impact on the life of not only the charged individual, but also on the lives of his or her family and loved ones. As a result, it is important that we treat DUI cases very seriously, just as we would with any other important matter. I gladly accept my responsibility in every case to ensure that the police, prosecutors, and judges do their job properly and that they scrupulously honor the Constitutional rights of each and every client we serve.