Kimberly Sargent

Undergrad:  Oregon State University, 1996, B.A.s in Political Science & French

Law School:  Santa Clara University School of Law, 1999

Admitted to Bar:  California, 1999

Hobbies and Interests:  Watching my children play soccer, running the local PTA, Photography, and Hiking.

I decided to be a criminal defense attorney in the 6th Grade after a classroom mock trial where I defended a homeless man accused of theft, and we won his case!  I believe deeply in the Constitutional right to an attorney.  I believe in holding the government accountable to follow all of the rules and in requiring it to prove someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  I have spent 20 years defending people charged with crimes in both felony and misdemeanor cases.  I am passionate about treatment instead of incarceration, and I spent many years of my career focused on Collaborative Courts for addicts, veterans and the mentally ill.  I bring my passion for fighting for each client as an individual to my job at 1-800-NoCuffs.