Laura Vavakin

Undergrad: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Co

 Law School: Dale E. Fowler School of Law at Chapman University

 Admitted to Bar: California Bar November 2005

 Hobbies and interests when not working: Weight training, running, traveling, reading, spending time with family.

 Why I love what I do:  There is simply nothing more satisfying than changing someone’s life by doing what you love.  I primarily became a lawyer because I love to read, write, think critically, argue, and I love a good challenge.  But my true passion is in helping others, defending the Constitution, and fighting against injustice. By practicing law, I have successfully combined all the things I love, and made it a career.  As a highly experienced trial and appellate attorney, my legal knowledge and experience allows every client to feel confident that he or she is getting excellent representation at all stages of the legal process.  My goal is that each person I encounter walk away feeling confident and secure, and most of all, feel they were treated with dignity and respect.