Marlene Ortega

Education: California State University Northridge, BA Political Science Law, and Society. Los Angeles Valley College, AA Psychology

Hobbies: I enjoy going to art museums, music festivals, collecting record vinyls, and visiting the beach to float and meditate.

Why I Love To Do What I Do/Why This Matters: 

From a young age, I’ve always knew I wanted to help people, and once I was transferring from college, I knew I wanted to become a judge. Having a background in psychology I wanted to understand people but once I became a prelaw major, I wanted to do nothing but help them. I exposed myself to any learning opportunities that were offered during my undergrad, if there wasn’t any, I made sure to create them myself. All I wanted to do was to learn and to be taught in any way possible. As I grew so did my passion for law and working for the people that come with it. I participated in the CSUN Judicial Internship and was mentored by judges from the Van Nuys courthouse. There I learned what it means to be a judge and to see people for what they are, as people. I was taught at a very early time that for me to become the best judge possible I need to remain kind. You never really know what people encounter in their lives to be in the situation that they’re in. Having grown up in the San Fernando Valley I can see people like I can see someone I personally know. I make it a point to always say hello and goodbye so I can always have that connection with strangers that made my day by saying it back. I want to always continue to see people as people and not just another case number. Here at the Meehan Law Firm, I am constantly reminded of how we treat everyone equally and go above and beyond to help those in need because at the end of the day it’s Humankind and you must be both.