Michael P.R. Reed

Michael ReedUndergrad: Humboldt State University 2006 BA in Sociology, Minor in Criminal Justice

Law School: Juris Doctor from Thomas Jefferson School of Law – Graduated Cum Laude in the top 20%

Admitted to Bar: June 2011 California, eligible for Washington DC and Minnesota

Other Certifications: Qualified by NHTSA to administer Standard Field Sobriety Tests

Some Personal Tidbits: Travel is a passion (if I’ve never been there, that’s reason to go, (some of my favorite places I’ve been are: the Island of Anguilla and Fiji, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Australia, The United Kingdom, Morocco, and the Netherlands),   Playing/watching sports – specifically Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, and Football, Hiking/backpacking, Bootcamp workouts and snowboarding (snowboard/ski tech and instructor). An environmentalist at heart –always doing my share

Why I Love What I Do:  Criminal Law sits at the heart of our Constitution. To ensure we do not live in a dictatorship, we created laws to ensure that the government (law enforcement) cannot bug, harass, or stop us unless they have probable cause or at least reasonable suspicion to do so. Unfortunately, there are some in government who don’t abide by the rules. That’s where I come in.

The government serves a purpose. They protect us when in need, and help maintain the order of the society we create. But when they break the very rules they are meant to protect, someone needs to be there to enforce the rules against them. That person is me. I work to ensure that my client’s rights have not been violated and that the innocent always go free.

I became a lawyer because I wanted to help people and be an advocate for change. Society tends to like labels. We label the aisles at the market, the gates we are departing from, and the prestige of a school. Following that philosophy, we label people who are arrested and/or convicted of a crime, a “criminal”. Society then turns around and says to the “criminal” pull yourself up by your boot straps and get a job, house, insurance, and make something of yourself.

But what happens if the label that’s placed upon you prevents you from achieving these goals. We create so many obstacles for people who get involved with the “system” that it becomes difficult if not impossible to achieve. I work to prevent that label from being applied to my clients because I understand the difficulties related to becoming a label.