Stephen Hariton

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Undergrad: 1975 (Cal. State Northridge B.S. Geography)

Law School and Other Degrees/Certificates: U.C.L.A Law School-ABA Certified Paralegal Program
Los Angeles Fire Dept. First Responder Medical Officer Trained and Certified
Certified Train the Trainer in Management from Columbia University School of Management
Hobbies: My Grandchildren are most important, Voracious Reader, Sports-Fan, all sports, writer-op-ed political specialty articles, historian, Volcanologist, Horticulturalist.

Why I Love What I Do:
There is a lot to talk about biographically as to why I do what I do. I have seen what happens to people when they are arrested as I always had Macy’s security report to me during my 35-year career in department stores. I have seen people mistreated and I have seen police officers show compassion and I found compassion to be the most impressive way to handle things. I have also had a close family member go through the legal system from court to jail and court again. I have seen how lonely it can be for the person who is accused and the family members and how demeaning it can be. When you go through these things you realize how important people’s rights are. The system can be very menacing and unforgiving if you do not have the right representation.

I take tremendous pride in attempting to “level the playing field” and making sure our clients are treated with respect. When there is a wrong, I always am strident in making that wrong—right. I was able to this for a Senior Level Air Force Office with extremely high level clearance in Homeland Security. It was clear at the time of the arrest that this officer and gentleman was truly not guilty of the DUI charge he was facing. In fact, the superior court agreed but as is most often the case, the DMV did not and they suspended him. I took this personally as I do believe in the rule of law and its fair enforcement and when the system breaks-down it is an affront to all who enjoy and love freedom. I went through the normal channels in order to get the DMV to see the light and make the necessary change in this man’s record, after all he fought to defend our law and our freedom but as bureaucrats so often do they become, deaf and downright foolish when they are asked to reverse course and “Do the Right Thing.” I was thwarted at every turn at the lower levels of the DMV. However, never one to shrink from a fight, I took this case straight to the top of the entire DMV system. When contacting the Director of Driver Safety I was told everything would be done to make this right. The Director lived up to her word and our client had his record corrected and his privileges were given back both here in California but in every state in the union.

I do this because I know what it means to slighted, I know what it means to be discriminated against and I have lived through some of the most tumultuous times in our nation’s history. I do what I do at KLF because it is RIGHT!