Nathaly Pacas

Education: California State University Northridge, BA Sociology. Los Angeles Pierce College, AA Addiction Studies. Certified Addiction Counselor.

Hobbies: I enjoy watching Netflix and trying TikTok cooking recipes.

Why I Love To Do What I Do/Why This Matters: 

I was only 6 years old when I knew I wanted to work in criminal defense. Helping others has always been a passion of mine and I strongly believe everyone deserves a fair and equal chance to prove their innocence. I found myself constantly solidifying my aspirations through my interests in TV shows such as Law and Order and Suits. I was obsessed with the possibility of becoming a hot-shot criminal defense attorney like the actors in the shows. To my surprise, my career path took a turn during my college experience as I discovered my interests in addiction studies. While interning for a rehab facility, I was exposed to client stories in which they were arrested for possession of substance and in need of guidance with their legal cases. Hearing the clients speak about the legal repercussions of their abuse reinstilled my desire to pursue criminal defense. I decided to work for The Meehan Law Firm as it was an opportunity to pursue both of my career interests. I thoroughly enjoy working for the Meehan Law Firm as I understand the value in providing support to those going through a hard time. I find joy in my work as I know I am able to help turn people’s lives around by lending a hand and ensuring them a fair and equal chance.