California DUI SR22 Insurance

SR-22 After a DUI

Many people think that SR-22 is a kind of insurance. It is actually a document that your insurance company provides to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) which tells the DMV that you are covered by the minimum level of insurance. After a DUI, the DMV will usually suspend the driver’s license, and in order to get their suspended license reinstated, the driver will have to meet certain requirements. One of those requirements is proof of insurance with an SR-22 filing.

Auto Insurance After a DUI

After a DUI conviction, the driver’s insurance company will typically raise the insurance premium at the end of the coverage, or they may decide to drop the driver completely. Based on a number of factors, the premiums may be double or triple the previous monthly insurance rate.

Additionally, in order to get their license reinstated and get back on the road, the driver will be required to obtain an SR-22 filing. The SR-22 filing is a certificate that shows proof of financial responsibility. The DMV requires an SR-22 for certain drivers, including those with a recent DUI, or their license will be suspended. If the insurance company cancels the driver’s policy, they will immediately notify the DMV of non-coverage. For most drivers with a DUI, they will have to carry SR-22 proof of responsibility for a period of three years.

Any driver with a DUI will be required to purchase a minimum level of auto insurance coverage as a condition of being allowed to drive. After securing an insurance provider who will provide the minimum level of coverage, the insurance company will send verification of the minimum coverage to the DMV. The driver or insured person is also responsible for payment of the fees associated with an SR-22 filing.

SR-22 Filing Timeline

For California drivers, a conviction for driving under the influence after 2007 will show up on your DMV driving record for a period of 10 years. After 10 years has elapsed, and with no other serious driving violations or subsequent DUIs, the DUI should be removed from your record.

However, for most drivers with a DUI, an SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility is only mandatory for three years. Again, subsequent serious driving violations or additional DUI convictions may result in longer license suspensions and SR-22 requirements. For drivers who no longer need an SR-22, they may find that their insurance company maintains a higher insurance premium for the entire time the DUI is on the driver’s record, which can be up to 10 years.

Defenses to DUI Charges

Before you have to deal with the hassle and costs associated with getting back on the road after a DUI, you can fight the DUI charges so that you can avoid a conviction altogether. There are a number of defenses available to drivers facing a DUI. Each case is unique and your California DUI defense lawyer will be able to identify what defenses will give you the best chance to beat your case. Contact an experienced California criminal defense lawyer who will stand by your side so you don’t have to face the judge and prosecutor alone.