Commercial Drivers

Commercial Driver’s License DUIs

As anyone who drives for a living knows, a commercial driver is treated much more harshly than a regular driver when it comes to drunk driving. Not only do California commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders have to complete more training, more testing, and spend all day on the road, but one simple DUI could mean the loss of their livelihood.

For most drivers, a DUI can mean a big inconvenience. It may involve a few days in jail, a 6-month suspended license, fines and DUI school. For CDL drivers however, it can mean so much more. Not only will they risk a suspended commercial driver’s license, fines and fees, but it may also result in the loss of a job. A California CDL DUI attorney who has successfully represented clients facing a commercial DUI understands what is at stake and knows what to do to fight criminal DUI charges.

Per Se Commercial DUI Violation

Commercial drivers are also held at a higher standard than other drivers when it comes to how much alcohol they can have in their body when they get behind the wheel. Regular drivers are in violation of DUI laws when they have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher.

However, for commercial drivers, a BAC of only 0.04% or greater will result in a commercial DUI violation. Depending on the drink and the size of the driver, one drink may be enough to put a commercial driver over the legal limit. Even though professional drivers have much more driving experience than many other drivers, regular drivers can drink twice as much before they are found to be over the limit.

License Suspension

For commercial drivers, a DUI in their own vehicle or in a commercial vehicle can lead to a suspended license. Even if they do not get a DUI, but simply refuse to submit to a chemical test, their CDL license can be suspended for a full year. That may mean a full year of being unable to work as a commercial driver or having to find a lower paying job.

For regular California drivers, they can get up to a fourth DUI conviction within a ten-year period before they lose their license for more than a few years. A fourth DUI is a felony, yet it may only result in a four-year suspended license. However, for a commercial driver, only a second DUI can actually result in a lifetime disqualification from holding a commercial driver’s license.

Commercial DUI Lawyer

If you are a commercial driver and were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, you don’t have to give up your livelihood. The police make the arrests, but the courts determine if you are convicted. By contacting your California commercial DUI lawyer as soon as possible, you may not only save your license to drive professionally, but you may also save yourself from a criminal conviction that could jeopardize your job. An experienced California CDL defense attorney understands what your license means to you and will fight for your license to drive.