Financial Crimes

financeTypically, a financial crimes enforcement network, composed of investigators from private companies, financial institutions and law enforcement agencies, investigate and prosecute financial crimes, on both a federal and state level. Common financial crimes explored and prosecuted by financial crimes investigators include forgeries, credit card offenses, fraudulent credit applications, and embezzlement.

Financial crimes vary in their scope and complexity, and can be as simple as adding a zero to a check or as complex as fake investments. If you’ve been accused of committing a financial crime, chances are your situation is likely to be different from the next financial charge victim and requires the attention of a criminal defense attorney well-versed in financial crimes.

In complex financial cases, the best defense is an early defense – ideally, a defense should be asserted before formal charges are even filed in a court of law. By choosing an attorney experienced in financial crimes, you’ll be prepared to respond effectively to a subpoena or testimony before a grand jury. Additionally, a lawyer can handle less formal contacts with the federal crimes enforcement network without running the risk of making a bad situation worse.

State Court Financial Crimes

The financial crimes most often prosecuted in state court are petty theft, grand theft, embezzlement, misuse of access cards, burglary, commercial burglary, and robbery.  The dividing line between petty theft and grand theft is $950.  When the value of the property stolen exceeds $950, it is considered grand theft.  Embezzlement occurs when the theft is alleged to have been by an employee or agent. Burglary and commercial burglary are property crimes that occur when the defendant enters a residence or business with the intent to steal (or carry out some other crime) while inside. Robbery is when property is taken from another by force or fear.

In each of these cases, early intervention by an experienced criminal defense attorney is vital to an excellent outcome.  It may even be possible to avoid criminal charges entirely by making the victim whole.

Federal Financial Crimes

Some types of fraud, such as Medicare or Medicaid fraud, must be prosecuted in Federal court. Federal financial crime charges can involve complex procedures and trials, and can result in serious penalties. The key to an effective defense in these types of cases is exploiting the opportunity to investigate the charges and evaluate the evidence against you as early as possible. Most of the work in a financial crimes case occurs long before trial. If you suspect you’re the subject of a financial crime investigation, contact a criminal defense attorney today.

Early Investigation is Critical

When your professional reputation and freedom are at stake, it’s important to seek legal counsel from a criminal defense attorney experienced in financial crimes as early as possible. One hallmark of a successful criminal defense attorney involved in a financial case is the belief that clients are best served by starting the defense process before any charges have been filed. The Kavinoky Law Firm regularly represents corporations and individuals who are facing financial crimes investigations.

With extensive experience with white-collar and financial crimes, The Kavinoky Law Firm has a proven track record in California courts and can help you take action to lower your charges and minimize potential consequences. If you’ve been charged with forgery, fraud, embezzlement, or any financial crime in the state of California, contact The Kavinoky Law Firm today.