Criminal Appeals

A felony conviction in the state of California may alter the course of your life completely: you may be required to serve years in a state prison, and you’ll never be able to make up lost time. Even though you were found guilty in trial court, doesn’t mean all your options have been exhausted. Through a criminal appeal, you may be able to overturn your conviction and receive a fresh start.

It’s important to remember that appeals court is your one, last, and only remaining hope for getting the conviction or sentence reversed. A successful appeal depends on two factors: 1) having good ‘appealable issues’ and 2) having a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you feel you’ve been unfairly convicted of a crime, it’s extremely important that you file your Notice of Appeal immediately. In almost all felony cases, the notice must be filed in the trail court within sixty days of the date you were sentenced. Although you can file the notice yourself, it may be easier for an experienced attorney to take care of the paperwork for you.

In order for an appeal to be successful, your case must stand apart from the rest. The attorneys at the Kavinoky Law Firm are prepared to highlight the important distinctions of your case and maximize your chance for reversal. If you’re interested in appealing your conviction, our attorneys are standing by to take your call and schedule a comprehensive consultation.

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