Insurance Fraud

Have you been accused of defrauding a health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, or any other type of insurance company? Have you been charged with faking an injury or disability in order to receive workers compensation benefits in the state of California?

If you’re under investigation for, or have been arrested for insurance fraud in the state of California, it’s very important that you hire a qualified criminal defense attorney with experience in insurance fraud. Whether your case involves auto insurance, property insurance, health insurance, or any other type of insurance, the experienced criminal defense attorneys at The Kavinoky Law Firm are here to help.

How an Insurance Fraud Attorney Can Help

Because insurance fraud lawsuits are confusing and complex, they require a certain expertise and knowledge that can only be found in a criminal defense attorney who has experience with these types of cases. A qualified insurance fraud attorney will thoroughly examine your situation and fight for your rights in a court of law.

The Kavinoky Law Firm has been involved in countless insurance fraud cases throughout the state of California. If you feel you’ve been the victim of false insurance fraud allegations, you should contact The Kavinoky Law Firm as soon as possible. If you’re being investigated for insurance fraud or are facing charges, please contact our law offices today to schedule a comprehensive consultation.

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