Violent Crimes Defense Attorney


robberyViolent crime is a serious problem in California, and law enforcement officials of all types dedicate much of their time to resolving the issue of violent crime in the state. Because of the increase in this type of crime, state representatives have significantly increased the penalties for a violent crime conviction. In some cases, the police rush to solve these crimes and do not complete the investigation. Police can take statements from witnesses who are mistaken or lying, resulting in misidentification or false charges.

If you’ve been charged with a violent crime in the state of California and believe you’ve been falsely accused or misidentified, a criminal defense attorney well-versed in violent crimes can help defend you in a court of law. Most violent crimes fall under California’s “Three Strikes Law”, and a conviction can have serious and significant consequences.

 Types of Violent Crime

Violent crimes are illegal offenses that involve the use of violence in the form of verbal threats, physical force, or bodily attacks. Although the use or presence of a weapon is not mandatory in order for a crime to be considered a violent crime, the punishment will be more severe if a weapon is used. Additionally, a simple verbal threat can be considered a violent crime – in some cases, no physical contact needs to be made. Common violent crimes committed in the state of California are:

  • Assault,
  • Battery,
  • Robbery,
  • Armed robbery,
  • Carjacking,
  • Manslaughter, or
  • Murder

The consequences of a violent crime conviction depend on the specific circumstances surrounding the offense, whether or not a weapon was used while committing the crime, and the defendant’s criminal history. Some convictions carry mandatory sentencing requirements, while other sentences are custom-tailored on a case-by-case basis. Regardless, potential sentences for most violent crime can mean lengthy prison terms, and even a life sentence under California’s Three Strikes Law.

 Violent Crime Defenses

Each year, countless innocent people get convicted of violent crimes in the state of California. Whether it’s as a result of mistaken identity, untruthful witness, fabricated evidence, overzealous prosecutors, or sloppy police work, the criminal defense attorneys at The Kavinoky Law Firm don’t think it’s fair for an innocent person to serve time for a crime they didn’t commit.

Being accused of a violent crime can affect your entire future, affect your chances of getting a job, and risk your reputation. Given the complexities of criminal defense, especially in reference to violent crimes, it’s important you choose a crime attorney who combines a solid track record with a thorough understanding and familiarity with the laws surrounding violent crime.