Jason Ross Harris Gets Life Without Parole for Hot Car Toddler Murder

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The Georgia Judge in the sentencing hearing of Jason Ross Harris issued a life without parole sentence today, according to ABC News. The father was found guilty of murdering his toddler son by locking him in a hot car in Atlanta for several hours. [1]
Judge Mary Staley Clark ended the sentencing hearing with one final comment. “I went back and reviewed and thought about your statement to the police and your statement to your wife when you were taken into custody. And it stood out to me that in both of those you took the occasion to express your wish so that you would be an advocate so that people would never do this again to their children. And, I would say, perhaps not in the way you intended, but you have in fact accomplished that goal.”
Automobile-related hot car suffocation is known as “death by hyperthermia.” But, what makes the story more horrific is that on the day that Harris left his small child in the hot car, reports indicate that “Harris was sexting with six women, including one minor, according to phone records.” [2] And, Christopher Brennan reports, “Other evidence exposed at trial showed that Harris had watched a video about hot car deaths in the days before the killing and that minutes before he locked the toddler in his car, he said, ‘I love my son and all, but we both need escapes.'” [3]
The criminal charges and sentencing hearing today address those issues as well. In addition to Count One, Malice Murder and the sentencing of life without parole, Judge Clark also sentenced Jason Ross Harris to the follow:

  • 20 years for Count 5 Cruelty to Children in the Second Degree
  • 10 years for Count 6 Criminal Attempt to Commit a Felony to/with Sexual Exploitation of Children
  • 12 months for Count 7 of Disseminataion of Harmful Material to Minors
  • 12 months for Count 8 of Dissemination of Harmful Material to Minors
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