Alternatives to Jail 

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A jail sentence means jail, right? Not necessarily. There are alternatives to having to spend time behind bars, which vary from court to court. At 1-800-NoCuffs, we know all the options in your area. 

Electronic Monitoring 

Also known as “house arrest” or “home detention,” electronic monitoring can be done with or without an alcohol monitoring device on your ankle. Sleeping in your own bed is certainly better than a sleepless night in jail.  

Community Service 

Performing community service for a non-profit organization is a great alternative to jail. Because it’s not hard physical labor, it can still be done if you have injuries or other limitations.  

Caltrans or Graffiti Removal 

This is more physically demanding work, like picking up trash by the freeway or painting over graffiti. Tough work? Sure. Going home afterward, taking a hot shower, and sleeping in your own bed with no unwanted roommates? Priceless.  

Work Furlough 

This allows you to go to work during the day but requires that you return to a dormitory each night. Work furlough is offered in only a few counties and can help save your job.  

Rehabilitation/Sober Living Environments 

For some, a DUI is just bad luck. For others, it’s a chance to change their life. Whatever it means for you we are here to support you. If you are struggling with addition, residential treatment is a solution that can also offset days in a jail sentence. 

Private Jail 

These “pay to stay” facilities are sometimes found in local police departments. Some facilities even allow you to bring in books and magazines and permit you to leave to go to work during the day. 

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