Did you know these could lead to a DUI arrest?

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You go out with friends, share some laughs and have a few drinks. You’re well aware of your limits and have always been able to determine if you can drive home safely. However, what happens when the odds catch up with you? In some DUI cases, police will pull you over because of signs of impairment, such as swerving or driving well below the speed limit. But did you know an expired registration sticker can also lead to a DUI arrest?


Here are some other common reasons you might be pulled over: 


Broken tail light

You might wonder how a routine stop for a broken tail light leads to a DUI arrest. A police officer can stop your car if they have reasonable suspicion that a crime has occurred, which includes minor traffic violations. Broken tail lights seem like a harmless offense, but any sort of driving infraction that can be seen as a possible danger, such as having a broken or burned-out taillight, can lead to a traffic stop.


A third brake light out

A third brake light is the light or lights mounted high and at the center of your vehicle’s rear window. If it is out, you can be pulled over. Should you seem intoxicated or an officer sees something in your vehicle that is illegal, like an open bottle of alcohol, you may be charged with a DUI.


Not having a front license plate

In California, the DMV always issues two license plates for each vehicle, which means each vehicle is required to have one license plate on the front and one on the back. Most often, police will not pull you over for a missing front license plate. However, police may do this for the purpose of discovering drivers under the influence or committing other crimes. And yes, legally they can stop you for this type of technical violation, even though their true intent is to investigate other possible wrongdoings.


The next move is up to you

Seeing those flashing lights come up behind you is extremely nerve wracking, but you need to react intelligently. First, pull over to a safe spot on the right side of the road. Turn on your dome light and place your hands on the steering wheel so the officer can see them. You should be able to locate your registration and insurance card easily when asked to present them. Be courteous, but not overly friendly or talkative. Do not volunteer information; the officer does not need to know the details about the party you attended or how much you had to drink. Remember that any admission you make about drinking could be used against you.


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