cocaine lawyersPowder cocaine is a Schedule II drug under California Health & Safety code 11055 (b) (6)), and it’s illegal to use, possess, sell, possess for sale, and manufacture. Violation of California’s cocaine laws can result in felony charges that carry significant prison time. If you’re facing a California cocaine charge, you should have an experienced defense lawyer fighting for your freedom. A skilled California drug lawyer from The Kavinoky Law Firm will do everything possible to protect you from the serious consequences of a cocaine charge.

California’s determinate sentencing laws spell out a lower term, a middle term and an upper term for felony offenses spelled out in months or years. The punishment handed down after a cocaine conviction will be determined by the facts of your case and by aggravating and mitigating factors — circumstances that prompt the judge to treat you more harshly leniently.

The following charges can be brought in a California cocaine case:

Section Number
Cocaine possession
Possession for sale
Sale (transport, import, furnish, administer, give away, etc.)
Manufacture (process, prepare, etc.)
3-5-7 plus $50,000
Agrees to sell, then sells another substance in lieu of
Misdemeanor or 16-2-3
Possess or use false compartment in vehicle to store or transport
Misdemeanor or 16-2-3

Design or construct false compartment in vehicle to store or transport
Analog of cocaine (controlled substance) (i.e. substantially similar chemical structure or effect)
PC 182a1
Conspiracy to do any of the above (same as substantive charge)
Loitering in a public place
with the intent to commit a drug offense

In addition to the charges that can be brought in a California cocaine case, there are also numerous sentencing enhancements that can be filed that, if proven, can substantially increase your punishment. These include weight enhancements, prior convictions, firearms, locations, and minors.

If you’ve been arrested on a California cocaine charge, you face substantial prison time and other significant repercussions. However, it’s entirely possible to aggressively fight your cocaine charge. A skilled California drug lawyer from The Kavinoky Law Firm is ready to review your case and help you plan your next move. Please contact us today at 1.800.NO.CUFFS for a free consultation.