Mom Hands Child Sippy Cup of Wine When Pulled Over for DUI

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If you are pulled over for a DUI, don’t complicate your arrest. Alcohol is a known substance that “reduces the function of the brain, impairing thinking, reasoning and muscle coordination.” [1] In Goshen, Ohio, a mom admitted to handing her sippy cup full of wine to her 5-year-old child in the backseat of the car after she was pulled over for a DUI. [2] This is an example of impaired thinking that can complicate matters if you are pulled over for DUI. Elizabeth Louise Floyd, age 27, was booked in Hamilton County on December 23, 2016. [3]

DUI Arrests

Floyd’s case is an example of how people panic when they are pulled over and they know they have been drinking. While the best way to avoid being arrested for DUI is not to drink and drive, our attorneys also understand the fear and panic of being pulled over. Making a rash impulsive decision to hand alcohol to a child is ill-advised as it can complicate your case and add to the charges filed against you.
If you are pulled over for a driving under the influence, remain calm. As Founding Attorney of 1.800.NoCuffs Darren Kavinoky, always says, “The right to remain silent only helps you if you choose to exercise it.”
Be polite but let an experienced DUI attorney answer the questions for you. If you are looking for information on how to fight a DUI, download our free “California Legal Guide” eBook here.

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