Cecilia The Mamacita on 93.5 FM KDAY Takes DUI Quiz

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Cecilia The Mamacita and Darren Kavinoky 93.5 KDAY DUI Quiz
November 8, 2016–Los Angeles, California–Attorney Darren Kavinoky appears on 93.5 FM KDAY with Cecilia The Mamacita in Los Angeles to give his legal advice on DUI and tests Cecilia The Mamacita on her DUI knowledge.
Cecilia The Mamacita opens the show by saying, “People have seen you on The View, Dr. Phil, Fox News, Entertainment Tonight, Dr. Drew, …you’re very popular and a lot of people love you. But you’re here today and we’re here talking about 1.800.NoCuffs.”

DUI Attorney Darren Kavinoky in Los Angeles on 93.5 KDAY

One of the DUI quiz questions that Darren asks Cecilia The Mamacita is, “True / False. Persistent heartburn makes somebody an inappropriate subject for breath testing in DUI cases.” Cecilia The Mamacita guesses, “False,” but the actual answer is True!
Explains Darren, “Everything in breath testing is predicated on the idea that that junk machine–I’m sorry that that highly scientific machine,” laughs Darren. “I can’t say it without laughing. Measuring alcohol molecules that are found in deep lung air called valvular air, it’s called deep lung air.”
Darren explains, “If you’ve got persistent heartburn, that means that means that you’ve worn away what’s called the lower esophageal sphincter, the lid on your stomach, and you get these alcohol molecules that are sometimes up in your esophagus in your throat and when you blow those into the machine. The machine isn’t smart enough to know where those molecules are coming from. And so, if you’ve got persistent heartburn you run a real risk that if you give a breath test it’s going to have a falsely high result because those alcohol molecules aren’t coming from deep lung air. They’re coming from that persistent heartburn.”
You can take a DUI Quiz DUI quiz and test your knowledge.
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