Cocaine Charges Involving Minors

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Cocaine Charges Involving Minors

California law allows for numerous sentencing enhancements to be added to a cocaine charge. One possible sentencing enhancement in a California powder cocaine case stems from the involvement of minors in the alleged drug activity. If you’re facing a California cocaine charge with a sentencing enhancement involving minors, you face serious repercussions. Skilled California defense attorneys from The Kavinoky Law Firm can review your case and begin planning a strategic defense.

The court cannot impose the additional punishment of a sentencing enhancement unless the prosecutor proves both the underlying drug charge and the enhancement beyond a reasonable doubt. You cannot be punished for a sentencing enhancement if you’re not convicted of the underlying charge.

California’s determinate sentencing laws specify the punishment for felonies and certain sentencing enhancements as a lower, middle or upper term, usually expressed in years. Aggravating or mitigating factors — information that prompts the judge to treat you more harshly or leniently — help the judge decide which sentence to impose.

The following sentencing enhancements can be filed in a California powder cocaine case involving minors:

Code Section Enhancement Punishment 11353 Induce minor to possess, possess for sale, sell, etc. OR hire minor to sell OR sell to minor 3-6-9 11353.1(a)(1) Violation of 11353 at a church, youth center, day care, pool, etc. Add one year 11353.1(a)(2) Violation of 11353 on or near school grounds Add two years 11353.1(a)(3) 11353 with minor four years younger than defendant Add full 1-2-3 11370b 11353 (sale) no probation, no suspension, no discretion PC 1170.72 11353, 11353.5, 11353.7, 11354, 11361, 11380 or 11353.1(a)(3), 11353.6, or 11380.1(a)(3) and the minor is younger than 12 Aggravating circumstance for sentencing

Powder cocaine cases involving minors are treated extremely seriously, so you need a top defense lawyer aggressively defending your case. Skilled California defense attorneys from The Kavinoky Law Firm are ready to review your cocaine case and help you determine your next step. Please contact an experienced California drug defense lawyer today at 1.800.NO.CUFFS for a free consultation.