Domestic violence counseling

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Domestic violence counseling

In California, when a defendant is convicted on a domestic violence charge, he or she will usually be sentenced to a batterer’s class as a condition of probation. The classes that the court requires are held once a week for a year, although anyone can attend more frequently. These classes are geared towards people who need treatment to help manage their anger and violent outbreaks. With respect to abusers, the goal of counseling is to help them learn to walk away from potentially explosive situations without resorting to violence. To achieve this goal, counselors encourage the abusers to examine their lives to better understand the reasons why they succumb to violent outbursts. If successful, the batterer learns that he or she cannot control his or her relationships through violence.

In addition to mandating a batterer’s class, if the court finds evidence that the defendant was using alcohol or drugs at the time of the violent episode (which, according to domestic violence statistics, is often the case), it may order that the defendant additionally attend a specified number of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings which are free of charge.

Experienced criminal defense lawyers like those at The Kavinoky Law Firm are sympathetic to what their clients are going through when charged with intimate partner abuse. They have successfully defended countless California domestic abuse cases, treating each client with respect and compassion. In situations where the defendant was placed on probation, they helped ensure that their client followed through with each condition of probation so that he or she would ultimately be able to apply to have their criminal conviction expunged. They have many resources available to them to aid their clients in fulfilling their probationary conditions as conveniently as possible.

Counseling is also available to victims of domestic abuse. Victims of intimate partner violence require special care and treatment. Services frequently include private or group therapy, vocational training, and lessons on how a victim can safely flee from a violent partner. The goal of this therapy is to empower the victim to leave an abusive relationship behind in order to secure his or her safety and the safety of involved children.

Oftentimes the accused has also been the victim of abuse by his or her partner. Domestic violence statistics reveal that many couples who are involved in an abusive relationship are both abusers and both victims. This fact applies to both men and women involved in heterosexual and homosexual relationships. When such is the case, it is important that the accused also receives counseling as a victim. The caring attorneys at The Kavinoky Law Firm become closely involved with their clients to make sure they are receiving all appropriate outside assistance. They have referrals for all types of counseling services, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and they will ensure that their client is referred to an appropriate class where his or her native language is spoken.

Being arrested on a California domestic abuse charge is a serious matter with serious consequences. Trying to navigate this very technical and complex area of the law without the best legal representation is a mistake that can have devastating consequences. Hiring a skilled attorney from The Kavinoky Law Firm as soon as possible after a domestic violence arrest is imperative to a successful defense. Click here for a free consultation.