Drug Charges in California – Substance Abuse Evaluation Included

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Drug charges in California are serious for several reasons. Of course, there is the legal concern, but secondly, there is the emotional well-being of yourself or your loved ones.


Drug Charges – Substance Abuse Expert

Many California criminal offenses involve alcohol and/or drugs. However, not many defense lawyers include an evaluation by a qualified substance-abuse expert as part of their fee. The Kavinoky Law Firm is unique. We include an evaluation and court appearance by Dan Cronin from Assessment Intervention Resources (AIR). Of course, this is included in the retainer on cases involving alcohol or drugs.

Dan Cronin is AIR’s president and founder. He is an alcohol and drug counselor who worked with a psychologist and psychiatrist to develop a brilliant system. The three experts developed a unique care-management model for individuals with alcoholism and drug addiction.

This treatment method is incredibly effective. In fact, it is so effective that many organizations work with this system to help their members. These groups include the NHL, MLS and numerous public corporations in the United States and Canada. These organizations choose AIR as their care management provider for drug and alcohol problems.

Benefits of Evaluation

Of course, not everyone facing a California alcohol- or drug-related crime has a substance-abuse problem, but many do. An assessment by substance-abuse expert Dan Cronin provides tremendous benefit to the defense. This evaluation is beneficial for those who are suffering from substance abuse issues and those who aren’t.

For example, a driver arrested for California DUI who receives a substance-abuse evaluation that recommends treatment for alcoholism may be able to receive the alternative sentence of rehabilitation rather than jail.

In another scenario, a substance-abuse evaluation that concludes that someone facing a narcotics offense exercised poor judgment rather than having a drug problem may persuade the court to treat the defendant more leniently because a repeat offense appears to be less likely.

Hire Great Defense

The participation of a nationally renowned substance-abuse expert can make a tremendous contribution to your defense. Consequently, and The Kavinoky Law Firm includes an evaluation by substance-abuse expert, Dan Cronin. For more information about the role of a substance-abuse expert in a California criminal defense, please contact The Kavinoky Law Firm today.  Reach out at 1-800-NO-CUFFS for a free consultation or to contact an attorney in your area.

Brianna Wilkins
Brianna Wilkins