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California Marijuana Laws

Marijuana cases in California involve many issues, defenses and sentencing alternatives. Marijuana-related charges can range anywhere from simple possession to manufacturing the drug to driving under its influence and include a variety of penalties, which may range from a mere $100 fine to years in the state prison, severe fines and the forfeiture of one’s assets. It is because the laws that regulate this specific area of practice are so numerous and complex that an individual who has been accused of any marijuana related offense must immediately contact an experienced California Cannabis Attorney who has mastered this area of the law and all of the defenses that are applicable to it.

The outstanding attorneys at The Kavinoky Law Firm are dedicated to protecting the rights of their clients charged with marijuana offenses and to helping them resolve their cases as quickly, inexpensively and favorably as possible. Because they keep current with all of the latest evidentiary rulings, political issues and trial strategies that are applicable to marijuana charges, they are always a leg-up on the competition, which provides their clients with a tremendous advantage over the criminal court process.

When charged with a marijuana-related offense in California, it is imperative that the accused hires a criminal attorney who understands all of the laws that regulate marijuana and its use. For example, although California has enacted two laws that legalize medical marijuana (Proposition 215 and SB 420), law enforcement is still quick to arrest an individual who tries to rely on this defense. When such is the case, only a skilled attorney who is well-versed in these laws will be able to quickly quash the case, knowing exactly which motions to file and how to immediately implement this defense.

Paraphernalia, the marijuana itself, references on cultivation, etc., often provide the prosecution with (what appears to be) devastating evidence to use against the accused. However, one of the benefits of hiring a lawyer who routinely practices California drug defense is that he or she knows how to most effectively challenge this type of evidence and will file and argue a motion to suppress the evidence, which, if granted, will typically force the prosecution to dismiss the charges.

Driving under the influence of marijuana (also known as driving under the influence of drugs or D.U.I.D.) also gives rise to many issues and possible defenses which are unique to this specific charge. Although most of the evidence that is used by the prosecution in this type of case is similar to an alcohol-related D.U.I., there are several differences in the ways that the evidence is used and defended, which is why retaining an attorney who is familiar with both marijuana cases and DUI cases is imperative.

California Marijuana and Drug Defense Attorneys

The exceptional California Cannabis Lawyers at The Kavinoky Law Firm pride themselves on their abilities to successfully negotiate plea bargains for their clients that allow their clients to participate in alternative sentencing options (which include diversion, sober living, rehabilitation and electronic monitoring) that replace jail or prison sentences. They maintain an excellent reputation with local prosecutors and judges, which is clearly reflected in their success rates. For the most trusted legal advice and for unparalleled representation, contact the firm today for a free consultation.


Brianna Wilkins
Brianna Wilkins