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PCP Offense

PCP is a schedule II drug under California Health and Safety Code section 11055 (e) (3)), and is illegal to use, possess, sell, possess for sale, and manufacture. A California PCP conviction carries harsh repercussions that include prison time in many cases, so it’s critical to mount an aggressive defense to these charges. Experienced California drug defense lawyers from The Kavinoky Law Firm is prepared to review your case and build a comprehensive defense to your PCP charge.

There are numerous charges that can be filed in a California PCP case, including possession, sale, possession for sale, and manufacturing. Most California PCP charges are felonies that carry significant prison time. A few PCP offenses can be filed as either misdemeanors or felonies, although prosecutors often pursue the more serious charge.

In addition to the charges that can be filed in a California PCP case, there are numerous sentencing enhancements that, if proven, can substantially increase your punishment. Sentencing enhancements can be filed in California PCP cases for weight, prior convictions, firearms, locations, and the allegations that your alleged PCP offenses involved minors.

Fortunately, experienced California drug defense lawyers have numerous tools in their arsenals to aggressively defend PCP charges. One of the most potent tools a defense attorney can employ in a California drug case is a motion to suppress evidence. Police must follow certain protocol when gathering evidence against you, and if they fail to adhere to those guidelines, the evidence against you may be excluded.

You may be eligible for alternative sentencing that could help you avoid all or part of a jail or prison sentence in a California PCP case. Proposition 36, drug court and diversion are some ways that California drug defendants may avoid incarceration.

If you’re charged with a California PCP offense, it’s important to have a skilled drug defense lawyer fighting for your rights. Seasoned California drug attorneys from The Kavinoky Law Firm are ready to analyze your case and develop a promising defense strategy. Please contact a knowledgeable drug defense lawyer today at 1.800.NO.CUFFS for a free consultation.