Signs and Symptoms Defining Relationships Affected By Domestic Violence

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California Domestic Violence can take on many forms:

  • Financial abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Elder abuse

Intimate partners (regardless of their sexual orientation) have children together, are married or divorced, live together or formerly lived together, are dating or were dating. Although domestic violence is a category of a type of abuse, any crime that is committed against one’s intimate partner or other stated family member will be prosecuted as a domestic abuse crime in California, which means that in addition to the penalties that the offender faces for the specific crime he or she committed, additional penalties will attach because the crime qualifies as one of domestic violence.

Signs of domestic violence are often the same in any relationship affected by domestic abuse or intimate partner abuse. The main sign is that an individual fears his or her intimate partner or another family member. Other signs come in a variety of forms and can be feelings within the abused individual, signs that are revealed in the abuser’s violent, threatening or controlling behavior or signs that are exhibited when an intimate partner or other family member belittles or criticizes his or her victim. Signs in a victim of such abuse can include feelings of self-hatred, helplessness and numbness.

Signs that suggest that a person may be the victim of domestic abuse include, but are not limited to, his or her intimate partner or other family member constantly monitoring his or her activities, isolating the victim, thereby preventing him or her from seeing other family members or friends, inflicting bodily injury upon him or her, sexually abusing him or her, criticizing or humiliating him or her, blaming him or her for the intimate partner or other family member’s own violent outbursts and threatening to hurt himself or herself, the person receiving the threat, their children, a pet or the personal property of the recipient of the threat.Others may often detect that a friend or family member suffers from these signs of Domestic Violence, but it is the victim of the abuse that must recognize that he or she identifies with these signs if he or she desires to seek help.

Symptoms of domestic violence are widespread and vary from person to person. There are, however, certain characteristics and behaviors that are exhibited by the majority of victims who suffer from domestic abuse that have devastating effects on these abused individuals. Some of the most common symptoms include low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and fear, health problems, eating disorders, withdrawal from others and anger. Many victims act out in destructive ways and are violent towards others and/or even themselves. Many contemplate or attempt suicide, and begin abusing drugs and/or alcohol or develop additional addictive behaviors. In addition, an individual who is physically abused may be seriously injured or even killed if he or she doesn’t leave the relationship.

Hotlines, classes and additional resources are available to both those individuals who are being abused by an intimate partner or by another family member, and to those who need help controlling their abusive behavior. The trustworthy criminal defense attorneys at The Kavinoky Law Firm have resources and referrals for those who wish to seek help or who need legal counseling about their rights and remedies regarding acts of domestic violence. In addition, these criminal defense lawyers specialize in California Domestic Violence crimes and will take the time to sit down with an individual accused of domestic abuse and listen to all of his or her questions and concerns, treating that individual with the respect and compassion that he or she deserves. To discuss familial domestic violence or intimate partner abuse, contact The Kavinoky Law Firm today for a consultation.

John Devendorf
John Devendorf
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