Sober Living Environments

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A DUI / DWI charge in California will result in two separate cases even though it involves only one incident. A driver faces a California DMV case and a criminal case. Each case must be dealt with as soon as possible in order to avoid unnecessary negative repercussions. A qualified DUI / DWI lawyer can handle both aspects of the case.

In the criminal case the judge will have the discretion to punish the offender in ways that can help society and the offender who was guilty of driving while driving under the influence. An attorney experienced in defending drunk driving cases can often achieve results for clients that allow the client to improve his or her life following what can be a traumatizing event.

Common punishments for driving under the influence of alcohol in California are jail time, fines, and license suspensions. In some cases however, the courts and the legislature have come up with other ways to punish people convicted of DUI / DWI. These methods are known as alternative sentencing. They include community service, ignition interlock devices, electronic monitoring, and sober living environments.

A sober living environment is generally a place for someone who is coping with a drug or alcohol problem. If a person is a multiple offender and has not been able to benefit from other treatment, a sober living environment may be the right place. A person who stays at a sober living environment may be able to be credited for jail time. One day in sober living will be credited towards one day of a jail sentence. A California DUI / DWI attorney will fight to make arrangements for sober living if the situation warrants it.

Inside the sober living environment, people must participate in structured daily activities and chores. The people living in a particular sober environment are responsible for the place they live in and must abide by the rules. Alcohol addiction education and treatment will also be available in sober living environments. Sober living environments can help individuals with substance abuse address their problems among people struggling with the same issues. For many individuals, stays in sober living homes help to eventually solve a long-term problem with alcohol or drugs.

If a person is staying in a sober living environment, not only will days spent there be credited towards jail time, but the cost of living there will also be credited towards fines that the court may have imposed on the driver. The court has the discretion to make such arrangements. Typically a California criminal defense attorney will provide the judge with good reasons to allow the fines to be credited for money spent on sober living.

For some individuals, sober living environments a better and healthier alternative than jail or even house arrest. An experienced California DUI / DWI defense attorney can provide more information about the viability of sober living environments for their clients.