Southern California County Employs GPS Technology to Track Drunk Drivers

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Southern California County Employs GPS Technology to Track Drunk Drivers

A Southern California county has introduced a program that uses technology to notify authorities instantly when convicted drunk drivers take even a step out of line.

Riverside County recently unveiled a program that will require convicted DUI / DWI drivers to wear tracking devices equipped with Global Positioning System technology. Only individuals with multiple felony drunk driving convictions will be required to wear the lightweight devices, which can be worn on the wrist or ankle.

The devices are programmed to alert a probation officer when an offender enters a restricted area, such as a bar, or leaves a mandatory confinement, such as house arrest or an alcohol rehabilitation center. The devices can be programmed to send the information instantly or one day later, depending on how much county officials want to pay.

The county already requires repeat offenders to wear a device known as the Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, or SCRAM, which detects alcohol consumption through secretions in the skin.

The GPS technology costs $10 per offender each day for devices that report information instantly, and $5 per day to receive the information the next day. The SCRAM monitors cost the county an additional $15 per day. Once a grant covering the program’s costs expires in 2007, officials will consider making offenders pay the cost of monitoring.

Although the technology is currently being used in only one California county, it may become more widespread as officials in other jurisdictions monitor the program’s progress. Neighboring San Bernardino County will soon launch a similar program.

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