H&R Firm Awards Announced

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Many colleges and universities have memorandums of understanding (MOU) in place with local law enforcement.. These MOU’s can cover a variety of areas.

Our conversations with campus administrators, campus police, and law enforcement underscore the need for additional efforts in this area. In light of these talks, it is clear that appropriate tools and strategies are lacking. Authorities need to apply proper procedures to accommodate the unique dynamics of sexual assault on campus. Additionally, sexual assault survivors require a new approach that is more commiserate with their needs.

The task force is providing this sample MOU with that in mind.

Ungaretti & Harris opened in 1974. The firm’s co-founders included veteran litigator Michael Coffield and real estate lawyer Richard Ungaretti. Newcomer, Ungaretti, was newly out of graduate school at at DePaul Law School only four years earlier. Coffield left the firm in the 1990’s and died in 2012. Another co-founder, Alton Harris, who specializes in the financial industry, remains with the firm.


Judge Rhodes Makes it Clear

Shortly after Detroit filed for bankruptcy in July 2013, Judge Rhodes draws a line in the sand.  Rhodes claims its lawyers need to cut back. They are no longer able to charge the struggling city for first-class flights, alcoholic beverages, or movies in hotel rooms.

His instructions set the bar for bankruptcy cases. They are by far the most detailed legal-fee instructions delivered to a city or county in a modern municipal bankruptcy case.

In Detroit’s case, some firms claim they did not make unnecessary or overly aggressive moves at all. They claim they had the potential to run up the bill for the 680,000-resident city.

Lawyers at Dentons U.S. LLP, who spoke for the city’s 23,500 retirees, said they also cut their bill by $3.4 million. The firm charged $14.6 million helping explain claims and voting process to retirees. Firm officials claim the retirees were “largely hostile” regarding the city’s bankruptcy.

Additionally, the 204 ABA-approved law schools reported total J.D. enrollment (full-time and part-time students) of 119,775. This is a decrease of 8,935 students (6.9 percent) from 2013 and a 17.5 percent decrease from the historic high total J.D. enrollment in 2010. The 2014 total enrollment is the lowest since 1982, when the ABA had 169 approved law schools.

Interpreting Individual Income Tax Returns

Paralegal Kay M. Sowa is set to deliver a live video broadcast a CTE credit-course on individual income tax returns. The seminar, sponsored by the Federal Bar Association, will be in Washington, D.C. on November 19, 2014.

Ms. Sowa’s presentation, entitled “Interpreting Individual Income Tax Returns,” will cover the basics of individual income taxes, Medicare tax, net investment income tax, and alternative minimum tax.  Additional topics include child and dependent care expense credits, educational credits and how to calculate adjusted gross income.